by Brial Jobs Administrator

Romania vs. life abroad

SURVEY: Romanians vs. Life abroad

During the past years, there has been a significant growth of Romanian people choosing to move abroad, especially for work, for a better salary, but also for a different lifestyle and career. The number reached over 5.5 million people and does not seem to stop growing very soon.

Before creating the BRIAL Jobs platform, we wanted to have more information on this topic: the possibility of working and living abroad. Therefore, we created a survey in the beginning of 2019, that was completed by 133 Romanian citizens and we are pleased to present you below the drawn conclusions.

But wait, why was the survey focused only on Romanians?

Because initially the purpose of BRIAL Jobs was to help Romanians move abroad for a particular period of time, for work experience and knowledge etc. In the meantime, due to the high demand from candidates’ side, we understood that we can help and embrace this movement for all European nationalities.

The results

This survey showed that 51.9% of the people have previously applied for a job abroad and 78.1% of them were already abroad when they completed the survey. 49.3% of the other people, who were still living in Romania, mentioned they might apply for a job abroad in the future and 15.9% of them will apply for sure.

We asked the people who wanted to go abroad, ‘What stops you from applying to an opportunity right away?’. 63.63% of them said they do not know how to apply or do not have someone to guide them, 21.21% are scared of cultural differences, 12.12% have language barriers, 6.06% said it is because of their family / kids and 3.03% because of other obligations.  This just confirmed not only our own experience and instinct, but most importantly our well-found research. We knew that there was time to create a new platform - one that will not only provide access to great top-notch jobs, but also offer personalized support.

45.3% of the people who completed the survey were aged 26-34, 47.5% between 18-25, 10.9% between 35-44 and only 6.4% of them were aged more than 45.

In regards to their last education, most of them (38.7%) graduated with a Bachelor Degree, 24.2% of them got a Master’s Degree, 21% graduated from High School with a diploma and 16.1% without a diploma.

Most of the people that completed the survey were activating in the Engineering (20.24%), Hospitality (10.17%), HealthCare (5.09%) and other industries, such as IT, Finance, Real Estate etc. (64.4%). This came as no surprise to us as our research showed the same: there is a high skills mismatch in these industries. It is our aim at BRIAL Jobs to match the companies with the right candidates.

When asked, ‘What was the biggest problem you’ve encountered while searching online for jobs or internships abroad?’, most of them they answered that it was difficult to find a good quality recruiter (29.7%). In more details, some of the reasons they mentioned were: lack of transparency, lack of information about the jobs and / or company, no response or any feedback in regards to their applications, too many job offers that were not verified and so on.

Some other identified problems were their lack of experience (9.4%), foreign languages (7.8%) and fear of bureaucracy of different countries (7.8%). After seeing these results, we made it our mission to constantly learn how to streamline the recruitment process and help candidates achieve their next career step.

The participants were asked if they had any ideas on how to improve the online recruitment process and they answered that it would be nice to:

  • verify all job offers before posting them;
  • have a clear SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of the selection procedure;
  • offer internships for freshly graduated students, that do not find a job that easily;
  • offer more details about the jobs offer and the company;
  • offer trainings online to help improve someone’s CV;
  • impose the companies to provide an answer and / or feedback on the applications within a specific timeframe; etc.

What did we do with all this info?

This survey was first of many to come and it had the intent to prepare and inform us how to provide the best services for all our clients. Therefore, after carefully analyzing all the outcomes, we have decided to offer jobs of any type (part / full time, freelance) and internships in the Engineering, Hospitality, HealthCare and IT Industries for now.

We aim to solve as many existing problems in the online recruitment process, and we will, for sure, take into considerations all the ideas that we receive and try to implement them, to create a much better experience for our clients.