Frequently Asked Questions

We are an international online recruitment platform connecting highly qualified candidates with verified and competitive foreign companies. We specialize in the following industries: Hospitality, IT, HealthCare and Engineering. At BRIAL Jobs, we verify and support personally each of our customers.

-Of our competitive price for the value offered. We offer a higher quality and personalized service for a fair price within the market; -We are personally involved in handpicking the companies and candidates. No spams, no fake profiles; -As a company, you will get full access to the CV database of our candidates (not only the ones that apply to your opening); -Our list of services is meant to optimize your recruitment process and minimize your resources (time and money invested); -You will get no irrelevant applications. Only candidates that fit your required fields.

No. We act as an intermediary between our verified customers: highly skilled candidates and top companies. We constantly focus on meeting our customers’ needs and demands, hence BRIAL Jobs is under continuous improvement.

First you will have to choose from our 3 membership types the one that suits your requirements and needs best. Then, you can start completing your company’s profile and publish your first jobs, or you can schedule a call with our team to support you in this process. Please note that you must have your company profile completed at least 80% in order to be able to post a job offer. Once you post your job offer, our team will review it and publish it, or report it in the event that it does not meet our requirements. We demand dedication from both you and our candidates in order to ensure a high standard service.

Yes. Once you published the post, our team will verify it. If we consider that the job offer is not legit or falls under the type of jobs that under Terms & Conditions we do not accept on our website, we will remove your job offer and send you an email accordingly. Firstly, we do not accept offers posted by recruitment or staffing agencies. We are committed to provide only jobs that are verified. Therefore, we urge you to provide credible company information, detailed and concise job offer descriptions and overall legit job offers. The job description must be transparent and clearly explain the expectations from the candidate. Take advantage of the space on the company profile and show the values and culture of your team. We might get back to you with more questions on the hiring process or the job offer itself, please be prompt in our communication so that the process runs smoothly. We are dedicated to making this experience 100% beneficial for all our customers.

The promotion of the job offers depends on the type of membershipyou have purchased. As a general outline, our team will promote your job openings via our email alerts, newsletter, social media, community and our network of partners.

After your job offer is published, the promotion of your post will start (this is according to the membership you have purchased). Candidates will be able to apply to the job and you can see all the candidates under your job offers. The next step is the easy screening: basically, if you like (or not) the candidate’s profile you will press Thumbs up or down. This will take you to the next step of scheduling the 1st interview. You can schedule, change or cancel the interviews via our platform. Most importantly, we offer our direct chat option on BRIAL Jobs website where you and the candidates can communicate easily.

For the moment we work only with candidates and companies across the Economical European Area. We aim to expand to more markets in the future.

BRIAL Jobs is covered by our “7 days no questions asked refund policy”. You are welcome to use our platform and services for 7 days, and if you do not like the experience, regardless of the reason, you are entitled for a full refund, no questions asked. This does not apply to returning candidates.

All candidates are obliged to complete a reliable and relevant online profile on our website. Without it being completed, they are blocked from applying to jobs. In addition, the only candidates that can apply to your opening are the ones whose profile contains the 3 mandatory fields in your job post. No irrelevant candidates.

Our promise is to verify both our customers involved in the hiring process: company & candidates. For our companies, our team will verify your information on the websites of national authorities and ministries. We ask you to confirm your Unique Company Registration Number, before you can post your job offers. For both purposes of verification and support, you will have a designated Account Manager that you will be in communication with.