Meet our team

Anca Brezan

CEO & Co-Founder

Known for her black humour, ambition and persistance

So, what about me? I am a Capricorn who never stops aiming for the top. People usually describe me with the saying “The big essences are kept in small bottles.” I believe there is no problem that does not have a few potential solutions; and I am grateful for all the difficult situations in my life which helped me build up the strength I have today. I am not a woman of a lot of words, and I consider myself more of a ‘Doer’ instead. Life taught me that I am capable of anything I put my mind to.

Lived In:

Ionut Anisia

Web Developer

Known for his passion for technic lego and for being very sedulos

Mehedinteanu Lucian

Web Developer

Known for bringing  ambitious projects to life and painting the www skyline every day.